Record Cake

Record Cake


- 2 cups of icing sugar
- Knob of melted butter
- Boiling water
- Cocoa (makes it go darker)
- Red and black food colouring
- Sponge cake from the supermarket
- 3 Bowls


1. Sieve the icing into a bowl, add a small knob of melted butter and about a teaspoon of boiling water and mix well with a knife, keep adding more boiling water 1 teaspoon at a time until it becomes like a paste (Make sure you have an oldie helping with this step).
2. Now you need to make the red icing for the writing, so put a small amount into a separate bowl. Place a few drops of the red food colouring into your plain icing and stir. Repeat this step using the black food colouring - this will make your black icing.
3. You will also need white icing, this is super simple, just the icing sugar and boiling water!
Helpful tip, when spreading on your icing dip your butter knife into hot water, so it spreads like a dream…
4. Spread the black icing on to the sponge cake, leaving the centre bit for the white icing.
5. Now you can start decorate the top, take the licorice twists and tear them into strips, then wrap them around the top of your cake, lightly pressing them into the cake icing! This gives it the shiny vinyl like look!
6. Wrap a strip round the center of your cake, so the colouring doesn’t run into each other… then add the white icing to the center.
7. Then do the same again, to make the vinyl hole… add more black icing! Now you can start writing the name of your record with the red icing!

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