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Donna's 5-year old who loves the ladies...of all ages.
Actor bio:

Mike Henry grew up in Richmond, VA and attended Washington & Lee University, where he was Class President for his final three years. After a brief stint in advertising, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in comedy. He performed stand-up and improv and acted in commercials for several years before meeting Seth MacFarlane in 1995. Henry was a writer and producer on FAMILY GUY for the series' first six seasons. He voices many of the characters he created, including "Cleveland," "Cleveland Jr.," "Herbert," "The Performance Artist," "Consuela" and "The Greased-Up Deaf Guy."

His additional acting credits include "Scrubs," "Gilmore Girls," "Yes, Dear," AMERICAN DAD and "Robot Chicken." Henry and his brother are the creators of the internet-based series "Kicked in the Nuts."

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