Popcorn Cones

Popcorn Cones


- A shoe box covered in wrapping paper
- A craft knife
- Premade triangles cut out of the wrapping paper


1. Cut a triangle out of your favourite wrapping paper.
2. Label the three corners a, b and c.
3. Take the ‘b’ corner and twist it up so it sits on top of the ‘a’ corner – the letter ‘b’ should be facing you.
4. Take the ‘c’ corner and wrap it across the front of the cone and around to the back so it sits behind the ‘a’ corner.
5. All 3 corners should be lined up at the top of your cone in order of ‘b’, ‘a’, ‘c’.
6. Take all three corners and fold them down into the cone – no glue needed! Just make sure it’s all tight.
7. Place your popcorn in the cone.
8. Grab a shoe box and wrap in your choice of wrapping paper. Using a craft knife (and an oldie to help) make a few crosses in the top of the box.
9. Push the sides of the crosses out and you’ll have a hole to put the cone in!

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