Pop Up Cards

Pop Up Cards


·         Some strong paper or light card (cartridge paper works

·         Safety scissors

·         Crayons, coloured pencils or felt tips

·         A grown up!


·         First, choose two pieces of card that are exactly the
         same size.

·         Fold ONE piece in half EXACTLY down the middle.

·         Use your ruler to find halfway point along the fold and
         measure out a straight line halfway across – very lightly
         using pencil so you can rub it out later.

·         Draw a zig zag line across straightline and cut it out.

·         Fold back corners away from zig zag, then fold them back and straighten out the fold.

·         Open up card and push the corners so they fold inwards, then re-fold your card and press down firmly.

·         You should see a snapping zig zag mouth! Colour in the second piece of card on back to make it the colour of
         the inside of a mouth and then stick it to the back of the cut out piece.

·         Now all you need to do is draw your face. It could be a monster face, a wild cat, a crocodile – whatever you like!

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