Pool Cake

Pool Cake


- Plain sponge cake
- Premade blue jelly
- 150g of butter
- 600g of icing sugar
- Orange food colouring
- Orange fruit sticks (or any fruit sticks that can be cut up and act like fence posts)
- 2 roll ups
- Sour straps
- 2 cocktail umbrellas
- Packet of cola bottles
- Plastic palm trees


1. First up you need to make your icing. Beat the butter with an electric mixer until creamy. Add icing sugar slowly. Then add the orange food colouring and mix. If the mixture becomes too thick, add hot water.
2. Spread the icing onto your sponge cake. Now time to make the pool.
3. Cut orange fruit sticks to even lengths.
4. Create a fenced off area on top of cake with fruit sticks. Reinforce the back with fruit straps (this stops the jelly from leaking)
5. Spoon blue jelly into pool area.

And finally what’s left to do is decorate the area in front of the pool with your roll ups, umbrellas, trees and cola bottles!

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