- Some cardboard
- A pencil
- A CD to trace around
- Scissors
- A needle
- A beanie! This one is from the $2 shop!

1) To make the pompom, take the CD and trace two circles onto your cardboard. Make sure you trace the little circles in the middle too.
2) Cut out the circles so you have two cardboard doughnuts.
3) Lay the circles on top of one another, and cut a slit from the edge of the circle through to the middle circle.
4) Using the slit to get through to the middle, tie the wool on to the doughnuts, and start wrapping it around and around.
5) You want to cover the whole of the two cardboard doughnuts with no gaps.
6) Once you’ve done that, put the scissors in between the outer edge of the two cardboard doughnuts and snip the wool all the way around.
7) Then take a piece of wool and wrap it between the two circles – tie a firm knot and leave the ends long.
8) Slide off the cardboard doughnuts and fluff up the pom-pom – you can trim it down smaller too.
9) Then carefully sew it to the top of the beanie, by threading your needle with the long end of the pom-pom wool.

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