Polymer Clay Flowers

Polymer Clay Flowers


- polymer clay in 2 different colours
- flower shaped biscuit cutter
- Craft knife
- Rolling pin
- Paintbrush
- Baking tray


1) Using your rolling pin roll your clay into a flat sheet.
2) Then cut out flower shapes with your biscuit cutter
3) Now to make it more 3D you want to poke the middle of your flower with the end of a paintbrush or similar. Remove the paintbrush and pinch the cone closed.
4) With your craft knife carefully (you might need someone older for this part) cut between the petals to separate them a little bit. Then slice of excess clay.
5) Finally make a tiny ball with your other colour and place it in the middle of the flower and bake according to the instructions on the back of the packet!
You could make your flowers into jewellery. You could attach to a ring base or attach them to some ear hooks for earrings!

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