Plastic Bag Skipping Rope

Plastic Bag Skipping Rope


- 12 plastic bags
- Scissors
- Sticky tape


1. Cut the plastic bags open so they are in one flat piece.
2. Cut off the handles and any extra pieces so you are left with one large rectangle of plastic.
3. Cut each rectangle into long strips. It doesn't really matter if the strips are the same width or even length.
4. Tie the strips together to a little longer then the length you want the skipping rope to be.
5. Cut off the extra end bits of plastic bags sticking out of the knots. You will need 12 lengths of plastic bags tied together.
6. Take six strips and tape them together with tape and tape the whole group to the table or chair.
7. Then plait the six strips together into one very long skipping rope sized plait.
8. Repeat this step with the second 6 strips so you have two long plastic plaits.
9. Twist the two plaits together tightly so that the skipping rope has enough weight to swing when jumping.
10. After twisting the two plaits together tape each end with tape to create a handle.

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