Pickled Elf Bottoms

Pickled Elf Bottoms


- Different skin coloured panty hose – ask mum if she has some old ones
- Cotton wool balls
- Thread
- Scissors
- Jar
- Sticky label
- Marker
- Scrap fabric cut into circles


1. Cut the pantyhose into 10cm strips and place four cotton balls inside.
2. Pull the pantyhose into a sack with the thread wrapped around to form to cheeks and tie a knot to close them up.
3. Trim off the untidy ends and there you have it! One elf bottom!
4. Then make multiple pickled elf bottoms so you can fill a jar with them!

Once you have a jar full it’s all about decorating…

- Design a label and stick it on, then put your fabric circle over the top of the jar and screw on the lid.

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