Peg People Wall Art

Peg People Wall Art


- A sheet of black foam board
- 10 old school wooden clothes pegs
- 2 oval plates to use as a templates – one slightly larger than the other (they should both be big enough to fit all your pegs lined up inside)
- A craft knife & cutting mat
- Acrylic paints & paint brushes (it helps if you have some brushes with very fine tips!)
- Hot glue gun (or PVA)
- A sheet of white paper
- A sheet of blue paper (or any colour you like!)
- Glue stick
- Scissors
- String or picture hanging wire
- Strong tape


1.First, get the base ready for your wall decoration.Use the larger oval plate and trace around the edges onto the foam board.Then very carefully cut around the oval outline using a craft knife and cutting board.Get an oldie to help here as this part could be tricky!
2.Trace the large oval outline again onto your white paper.Then draw a wavy outline inside the oval outline to create a cool border.Cut out around your wavy border, and glue your white piece of paper onto the middle of the black piece.
3.Last of all, get your sheet of blue paper and trace the smaller oval template onto it.Cut out your blue over and glue it over the white wavy border.You should now have a black border with a white wavy border inside and a blue middle – and your base is complete!
4.Now is the fun part – paint each of your pegs up as a person.Give them different outfits, hair colours etc to make them look really cool.Then let the paint dry thoroughly.
5.Once the paint has dried on your clothes peg people, glue them onto your base using a hot glue gun or PVA glue.
6.To hang your wall decoration, make a loop out of string or picture hanging wire and attach it to the back of your foam board with some strong tape, then hang on a hook on your wall!

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