Pea Tee Pee

Pea Tee Pee


- Four bamboo rods, 1 meter each
- Pea seeds
- Small plastic recycled bottles
- Your pre-made tyre garden


1. Cut four pieces of bamboo to length and tie then together at one end creating a ‘tee-pee’. This will help the pea plants by giving them something to hold onto as they grow.
2. Push the un-tied ends of the bamboo rods into your garden. Make sure they are evenly spaced around the inner rim of the tyre.
3. Now to plant the peas...
- Push the seeds into the potting mix- up to your second knuckle.
- Push a seed into each side of each bamboo pole (so you’ll plant 8 seeds in total)
- Water the seeds well.
4. Lastly grab your recycled bottles and cut the bottoms off of them. These will be great as little ‘Hot Houses’ and will keep your plants warm, and help them grow!
If you’re down in the South Island or somewhere that’s still getting frosts, plant your pea seeds in containers inside and replant them outside in a few weeks when the weather warms up.

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