Orange Marble Cake

Orange Marble Cake


- 3x oranges
- Vanilla cake mix in a packet
- Raspberry jam
- Cocoa powder
- Baking paper
- Tin Foil


1) First, prepare your cake mix according to the instructions on the packet in a big mixing bowl …easy peasy!
2) Next, divide your batter into 3 smaller bowls.
3) Leave one bowl as it is – yummy vanilla.
4) To the next bowl, add 1-2 tbsp. of raspberry jam.
5) And to the final bowl, 1 -2 tbsp. of cocoa powder – depending on how chocolate-y you like it!
6) Carefully slice the top off of an orange – and keep the lid, you’ll need it!
7) Scoop out all the orangey goodness…fruit salad later, anyone?
8) Into the hollowed out orange, drop spoonfuls of the different flavoured cake mixture.

Sticky TV cake

9) To get fancy, take the wrong end of a spoon and draw ‘z’ shapes in the mixture, creating a marble effect. Then pop the lid back on your orange, wrap it in baking paper, and then tinfoil and pop it in the oven at about 180c for about 15-20 mins…but keep an eye on it! Once its cooled, enjoy with your friends! Yum!

Sticky TV marble cake

- Make sure you have someone older to help you when you are in the kitchen.
- Please note the microwave we use on the show is a convection oven. Always check with someone older before you put anything in to a microwave or oven to make sure it is safe.

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