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Nick and Jess Fan Art

Nick and Jess Shippers

By Holly Roberts

After the Nick and Jess kiss on 'Cooler', the shippers, who were patiently waiting in pillow forts, jumped onto Photoshop to conjure up crazed fan art.

Nick and Jess shipping

Not everyone was pleased with the decision to have the two 'will they or won't they' leads hook up though.

"As much as I may be on the Nick and Jess bandwagon now, I have to admit that I’m also a little sad about the development. One of the nice things about the relationship between the two was that it was one of the few places on TV where it seemed like the writers of a will-they/won’t-they couple could also see the virtues in “they won’t,” writes Todd VanDerWerff of the AVClub.

"It’s also sad to say goodbye to the idea of “friendship shipping” Nick and Jess. Now that they’ve kissed and it was so great, there’s probably no going back to how it was."

Meanwhile on Twitter...

"Official: After seeing how Nick kissed Jess on the last episode of #newgirl I do not want to be kissed again until it's exactly like that!"

I basically just want to watch the last 2 minutes of #newgirl on repeat until I find a man that will kiss me like that."

And another fictional male character has raised women's expectations on boyfriends yet again...

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