Newspaper Nail Kits

Newspaper Nail Kits


• Newspaper
• Cheap grey or white nail polish
• Cheap top coat
• Bottle of mouthwash
• Newspaper
• Little containers from $2 shop
• Ribbon
• Hole Punch


• Cut out newspaper clippings into nail sized pieces and divide into containers.
• Pour out mouthwash into other containers.
• Separate nail polish and top coat into containers.
• To make a gift bag out of newspaper, use an A4 sized piece. Fold into thirds and tape all the way along to seal. To make the base, fold one end into itself (about 5cm) creating a diamond shape. Fold top and bottom ends of diamond halfway in to meet each other. Tape together and open bag.
• Put a hole punch at the top of the bag, place containers of newspaper pieces, mouthwash, nail polish and top coat inside and tie up with a ribbon.

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