Naya Rivera (as Santana Lopez)

Naya Rivera (as Santana Lopez)

Sanatana Lopez Character Biography

Although she is promoted to head cheerleader when Quinn gets pregnant, Santana is quickly demoted after Sue finds out that she had breast implants over summer break. When it's revealed that she and Brittany enjoy make-out sessions, Santana says that it's only because she needs a substitute while Puck is in juvie. She also convinces Brittany, who is dating Artie, that this is not cheating because "the plumbing's different."

Sue announces her intent to shoot Brittany out of a cannon at the cheerleading championships, and she forces Santana, Brittany, and Quinn to choose the Cheerios or the glee club. The three girls all decide to stay with New Directions.

After another cuddle session with Brittany, they go to substitute teacher Holly Holiday for advice to sort out their feelings for each other. Santana finally confesses to Brittany that she is in love with her, but Brittany says she loves Artie, leaving Santana broken-hearted.

Santana concocts a plan to get Kurt back into the glee club by confronting his harasser, Karofsky, about hiding the fact that he's also gay. She says that if they act as each other's beards and he stops bullying Kurt, she promises not to reveal his secret. The two announce their fake relationship and the formation of the Bully Whips to protect the school from intolerance.

Naya Rivera Biography

Naya Rivera landed her first series regular role at age 4 on the sitcom The Royal Family starring Redd Foxx and industry vet Della Reese. Her other television credits include CSI: Miami, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Family Matters, Smart Guy, Even Stevens, 8 Simple Rules and The Bernie Mac Show.

When not on set, Rivera donates her time and talent to raising money for cancer research and for HIV/AIDS education, awareness and prevention; and to helping young women and girls overcome self-esteem issues and reach their full potential.

Rivera makes her home in Los Angeles, where she enjoys working out, writing, composing music and spending time with friends.

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