What's Up Warthogs!

Mr. Denovi

Mr. Denovi

Mr. Denovi is the staff advisor to the Audio/Visual club. He graduated from West Hill High himself, ages ago, and is still seeking approval from Principal Colonel Masters.

Mr. Denovi is a pretty nervous and jumpy kinda guy but he is still happy to lay down the law when Eric gets too carried away with the show.

He only wants what's best for "What's Up Warthogs!" and will defend the gang when Principal Colonel Masters tries to censor the show.

Mr. Denovi is played by Duane Murray. Since graduating from York University’s Acting Conservatory he has accumulated over 45 produced film and television credits including films for New Line, Fox Searchlight and Universal Pictures, most recently completing a pair of television pilots for The Family Channel and CBS. He has also appeared on stage both across Canada and internationally, highlighted by receiving a Gold Medal in improvisation at the National Arts Center.

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