How to make a Worm Farm

How to make a Worm Farm

- A clear/ empty 2 litre bottle
- Tape
- Small rocks
- Sand
- Dirt
- Some food scraps
- Worms
- Black construction paper (or just something really dark you can wrap around the bottle to make it really dark in there)
- An old bowl

1) Cut the top 5th off the bottle and unscrew the lid, have tape around the new sharp edges for safety.
2) Stab small holes in the bottom so water can seep out
3) With a hole punch, add some breathing holes in the top piece of the bottle you cut off earlier.
4) Drop some stones at the bottom for drainage
5) Dump a layer of sand on the stones then dump a layer of soil with worms in it.
6) Dump another layer of sand then dump and other layer of soil with worms and a some food scraps.
7) Tape the top back on the bottle so you have a complete bottle again.
8) Around the outside of the bottle, cover the dirt area with black paper or something dark to simulate the dark worms love!
9) After a couple of days, peel away the paper and see what the worms have been up to!
Also add some more food scraps for them.

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