Milk Carton Wallet

Milk Carton Wallet


- An empty carton like this one
- Thin tape
- A marker
- Scissors
- Velcro dots or tape
- Ruler


1. Undo the top and bottom flaps and flatten the carton.
2. Now cut a bit off at the top and bottom of the container so it’s nice and tidy. You should be able to see straight through the container now.
3. Find the seam where the carton has been glued together, look inside the carton and you will see it, have that facing up so the seam is in the inside of the wallet and not showing on the outside.
4. Fold one side up leaving 5cms extra at the top, this will be the wallet flap.
5. Cut down the sides of the flap and across the front so you’re left with one layer of the milk carton for the flap.
6. Tape all of the corners so your wallet will last for a long time.
7. Now staple together the inside compartments in the wallet.
8. Finally add Velcro dots so it can open and close.


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