Meat and 3 Vege

Meat and 3 Vege


Increase your quantities to suit the amount of people you are cooking for!

- Frozen peas
- Frozen baby carrots
- A medium sized kumara
- 1/3 cup trim milk
- ½ Tbs of low fat spread
- Potato masher
- Steamer
- Sirloin steak


Make sure you’ve got an oldie helping you make this meal!

1. Heat your pan so it’s nice and hot and ready for the steaks to go in. Before the steaks go in the pan, use a light coating of spray oil on them to stop them sticking when they go into the pan.
2. Now it’s time to get the veges cooking.
3. Put peas and carrots into the steamer. Have the steamer on stove with hot water underneath. Put peas & carrots into the top steamer part and leave to steam for about 2 mins.
4. Boil your kumara until it is soft enough to mash.
5. Drain the water from the kumara, add the milk and low fat spread and mash! You may need to add more milk and spread to get the right consistency.
7. Serve up your meat, veges and kumara!

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