Mark Salling (as Puck)


Puck Biography

Puck and Quinn split up over summer break, leaving Puck to his usual bachelor "badassness." He is once again performing double duty as football player and glee club member, while managing to maintain his popular guy status.

His bad boy antics land Puck in juvenile detention after he drives his mother's car into a convenience store window and steals the ATM. When he returns to school, he outwardly acts like he enjoyed his time in the lock-up, but he admits to Artie that he was bullied and hated every second of it. Artie befriends him and vows to help him stay out of trouble.

Mr. Shue and Coach Beiste force the football team and the glee club to work together, making Puck think about his allegiances. He approaches Finn about burying the hatchet over their rivalry involving Quinn and Rachel, and they become buddies again.

Will recruits Puck to find new glee members, leading to his obsession with bad girl Lauren Zizes, who rescues him from forced Port-a-Potty confinement by some of the jocks. Their long, strange courtship includes his serenade for her singing Fat Bottomed Girls and his stint in The Justin Bieber Experience, a tribute to the pop star. After Puck's grand gestures, Lauren finally agrees to date him.

Mark Salling Biography

Dallas-born Mark Salling has always known that music is his destiny. A classically-trained pianist, who has also mastered the guitar, bass and drums, Salling grew up playing in various cover bands with friends.

<>The Lonestar State-native also caught the acting bug early on, starring in national commercials and films (Children of the Corn IV: The Gathering, Walker, Texas Ranger, etc.). After graduating high school, he made the move to Hollywood, with not much more than just a dream. Teaching guitar lessons on the side, Mark enrolled in the Los Angeles Music Academy in Pasadena. He continues to refine his craft by making sure he is consistently refreshing his material: writing new songs and performing original music. Salling recently launched his record label, Pipe Dream Records with the release of his debut solo album, Pipe Dreams.

When not on set, the singer/ songwriter who recently announced a new partnership with Guess, Inc., spends much of his time with the Wildlife Care of Ventura County as well as the American Red Cross. Additionally, he spends his free time working on new music, playing frisbee golf, traveling, and advancing his unusual passion for ornithology.

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