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Marci - The Biggest Loser

Hometown: Valparaiso, Ind.

Occupation: General Manager of a health club and restaurant owner

A 49-year-old wife and mother of two adult daughters, Marci Crozier tried out for "The Biggest Loser" to help her daughter, Courtney, but realized along the way that she needed to get healthy too. She was born and raised with five siblings in Gary, Ind., and graduated from Lake Superior State College, where she received a bachelor's degree in sports and recreation management with an associate degree in business administration. Marci was lean and fit growing up, and played sports on a scholarship in college. But after having her daughters, she never lost all her pregnancy weight, and the stresses of work and life and her mother's death all contributed to additional weight gain. Marci, who now weighs 238 lbs., was particularly inspired by season eight contestant Shay Sorrells, and wants to be a better role model to her daughters by taking care of herself. She looks forward to playing racquetball again after losing the weight, as well as being more confident speaking in front of large crowds. She is excited to stand next to Courtney during her journey. Marci wants to share a message to fitness trainers to open their hearts and welcome deconditioned people with compassion and concern.

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