Marble Game

Marble Game


6 sheets of balsa wood ($2.20 each)
Balsa wood cement
Craft knife
Cutting board
Balsa wood dowel
Marbles to play
Vivid / marker pen

There are three main parts to the game!
The first part is the base… it’s important that the top surface is on a lean so that the balls roll down it!
Make a box which has an angled top – You can put holes and dowel across it like the one in the photo below to make it even harder to get your marble through the archways.
The second part to this marble pinball game is the peg drop….
Cut the dowel into short lengths (about 2cms) and glue it onto the peg board in different places to make it tricky for the marble to roll down.
Glue this peg board to the back of the base box on an angle so the marbles roll down the pegboard and onto the slanted surface of the base box.
The third part is the scoring system…
Cut a length of balsa wood with archways in it for the marbles to roll through - above each hole write a number.
Glue this archway strip to the opposite end of the base box as the peg drop.

Release your marble from the top of the peg board.
Watch it as it rolls down the pegboard, across the top surface of the base box and through one of the archways (fingers crossed!)
What ever the number is above the archway – that is the number you have scored.
Players could go turn about or 3 marbles in a row – it’s up to you!!
The Marble game is a masterpiece and is very tricky to explain how to make – Take a good look at the photo - As long as you have the archways, base box and peg board you can use your imagination and trial and error to come up with your own design, obstacles and rules!
The sky’s the limit!!

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