Making a Pond!

Making a Pond!


 Gardening Gloves
Sand Polythene (Pond Lining)
Medium sized rocks to line the edges
Your choice of plants to liven up your pond surroundings!


1. Firstly, you’ll need to check with your local council for pond/water guidelines in your area.
2. Now you can get started on digging a hole for your pond!
3. Next, you’ll need to cover the surface of your pond with sand so that it is ready to be lined!
4. Line your pond with Polythene. Place rocks around the edge of the pond to hold the lining in place & to help make your pond look great!
5. Now it’s time to add water!
6. Once your pond is complete with water & all, you can decorate it’s surroundings with your choice of plants from Mitre 10 MEGA!
Remember to ask your local pet shop advice on the best way to introduce fish to your new pond too!

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