Magnetic Breakfast

Magnetic Breakfast


- Breakfast cereal that’s high in iron – try special K or weetbix
- A blender
- A resealable bag
- A very strong magnet!
- Some hot water
- An oldie to help you out


1. Put a cup of cereal into your blender and pour in some hot water – enough to just cover the cereal.
2. Turn on the blender for about a minute until the cereal is all blended up with no lumps.
3. Pour the mixture into your resealable bag and seal it up.Let it sit for 5 minutes – this will let the iron start to sink to the bottom.
4. Take your magnet and run it along the bottom of the bag with nice even strokes all in the same direction.You should start to see little black specks collecting around the magnet – this is the iron in your cereal!

The Extreme Science behind this:

Iron is a metal, which is why it gets attracted to the magnet when you run it along the outside of the bag.
It seems weird that there is metal in our food, but iron is really important to have in our bodies – most of it is used in haemoglobin, which is a protein in red blood cells that carries oxygen from the lungs all around the body.

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