Magazine Stool

Magazine Stool


- A big pile of old magazines!The pile should be 40 – 50cm tall all stacked up, depending on what height you want your stool to be.
- 4 old belts of a similar length
- A wooden base (optional)
- A cushion (optional)


1.If you want to make a wooden base, you can do this by cutting out a piece of plywood slightly larger than the size of your magazines, and nailing or gluing two thinner strips of wood to the bottom of it – like this:

2.Attach two of your belts together by buckling one end of one belt to the other.Do the same with the other two belts.
3.Stack your magazines up neatly.If you are using a wood base, stack them on top of your base (with the thinner strips of wood on the bottom, resting on the floor).Then thread the belts underneath the wood base.If you’re not using a base, lay your belts down side by side on the floor underneath the magazines and start stacking the magazines in the middle of the length of the belt.
3.If you’re not using a cushion you can buckle your belts up securely over the pile of magazines and you’re done!
4.If you’re using a cushion, place this on top of the pile of mags and buckle the belts over the cushion as well so it stays put.

You can make your own cushion easily by measuring two pieces of fabric slightly large than the size of your magazines to give a seam allowance and also allow for stuffing.Sew almost all the way around, leaving a small open gap.Turn the cushion cover right way round so the seams are on the inside, and stuff with craft stuffing or the insides of an old cushion or pillow.Then handsew the gap shut and you’ll have a much cushier seat to sit on!

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