Magazine Rubbish Bin

Magazine Rubbish Bin


- Lots and lots of magazines
- Craft knife
- Ruler
- Sellotape
- Hot glue gun and lots of hot glue sticks
- A large marker pen or something cylindrical


To Make The Circles:
- Grab an old magazine and carefully lop off the spine using a ruler and a craft knife to make a straight cut.
- Then do the same straight down the middle, so each page of the magazine is now cut into two halves.
- Grab a strip (one half page) and fold it in half 3 times, until you have a thin folded strip.
- Using a large marker pen (this will determine the size of your circle) wrap one of the folded strips around the pen until you have a circle (i suggest loosening it off a little so the circles are slightly bigger – but still tight!)
- Sellotape the loose end of the circle.
- Do it all again….you will need a lot of these!!

To Make The Base:
- Start with a folded strip the same way as you would make the circles.
- For the very middle of the base, make a circle as before but don’t leave any gap in the middle…so it’s more like a spiral.
- Add to your centre spiral by wrapping strips around it over and over – it should be getting wider with each strip (you should use hot glue to connect the strips.
- Make sure you have the solid seam (fold) of each strip facing up as you add it to your base (you want the messy, rough cut edges on the bottom)

To Put It Together:
- Make sure you get an oldie if you need one, hot glue is super hot!
- Take your finished base and glue a row of circles all around the outside edge of it.
- Create a second row by gluing more circles on top of the first row.
- Keep doing this until you are happy with the height of your bin.

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