Magazine Bedside Table

Magazine Bedside Table


- 4 x magazines of the same size
- Paper clips
- Hot glue gun
- A flat surface for the top – a piece of Perspex or a circular plastic tray.


1.Flip open your first magazine and leave the cover out to the left.Thumb through about ten pages, then fold those pages in half towards you, tucking the pages ends back towards the binding.Use a paperclip to secure the page ends together close to the binding.
2.Repeat this until you’ve folded in all the pages in the magazine, about 10 pages at a time.Don’t worry about counting pages – it doesn’t have to be exact so guessing is fine!
3.When you’re done, fold the cover in in the opposite direction to create a semi circle.
4.Repeat this process for the next magazine.Then glue the spines of the two magazines together – back to back – and you will have created a full circle.
5.Repeat this entire process with your remaining two magazines, and then stack one magazine circle on top of the other so that it’s a good height for your bedside table.
6.Place a piece of Perspex or a circular plastic tray on top to create a flat surface to put things on.

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