Lizzie's Chicken Hokkien Noodle Dish

Lizzie's Chicken Hokkien Noodle Dish


- ¼ cup of soy sauce
- ¼ cup of water
- Fish sauce
- ¼ cup of oyster sauce
- 400g hokkien noodles
- 1 tbsp sesame oil
- 4 skinless boneless chicken breasts, diced
- 2 tsp of crushed garlic
- 2 tsp of crushed ginger
- 200 g green beans
- ½ cup of mung bean sprouts
- ¼ cup of spring onion
- 1 chilli


1. Combine the soy sauce, water and oyster sauce in a bowl and set aside.
2. Place hokkien noodles in hot water and leave to soak for 2-3 minutes. Mix noodles around with a fork to separate.
3. Heat 1 tbsp of sesame oil in your frying pan and cook the chicken.
4. Add mung beans, spring onion, green beans, chilli, garlic, ginger and sauce mixture to the chicken.
5. Lastly strain your noodles and add them to your stir-fry. Heat through and serve!

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