Letter Box Bird Feeder

Letter Box Bird Feeder


• Sheet of plywood
• A solid post for your letter box birdfeeder to sit on
• A piece of wooden dowel for the bird perch
• A plastic pipe and fasteners for newspaper holder
• Roof cap
• 4 hinges
• Nail and screws
• Wood glue
• A hook
• Drill and drill bits
• Safety goggles and gloves
• Hammer
• Screwdriver
• An oldie!


STEP ONE: Draw your letterbox/birdfeeder plans onto your sheet of plywood and grab and oldie to help you cut your pieces out! See attached plans!
STEP TWO: Glue and screw the floor piece of your letterbox/birdfeeder to your base piece – remember to read the safety precautions carefully when using glue!
STEP THREE: Glue and screw the bottom of your side pieces to the floor piece
STEP FOUR: Putting in shelf – glue both end edges of your shelf piece – place in between side pieces at the widest point and screw in place
STEP FIVE: Take your smaller roof piece and fix to the top of your side pieces
STEP SIX: Screw four hinges along the top of your fixed roof piece – then attach your large roof piece to the hinges
STEP SEVEN: Glue the ridge cap to the apex of your roof – to ensure that it’s waterproof – you don’t want soggy mail!
STEP EIGHT: Drill a hole for your dowel to sit in – you will definitely need an oldie to help you out with this – then glue and screw your dowel piece into the hole – this will be your bird perch!
STEP NINE: Attach your pipe to the fixed roof part for your newspaper holder
STEP TEN: Bling it out however you see fit and fix to your post! 

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