Lego Wall Art

Lego Wall Art


- A Lego base plate – the bigger the better!
- A selection of Lego pieces
- 2 frame hooks- they look like this ---> 
- Hot glue gun
- String or nylon


1.Glue your frame hooks onto the back of your Lego base plate at either side using your hot glue gun.You can use the Lego holes as a guide to make sure you’ve glued the hooks at even spots.
2. Tie string or nylon between the two frame hooks – so that you can hang your Lego wall decoration on the wall.
3.Now you can use your Lego pieces to create a changeable work of art!Gerry used the square shape of the Lego to his advantage and created a Space Invaders style design.You can use your imagination and create any kind of pic you like – and if you get bored of it, you can switch it around and do something different – easy as!

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