- A piece of ply wood or another type of wood that is large and flat (you can use cheaper wood like mdf but it will rot in the rain- just make sure you store it inside when the weather turns bad). Walter used dimensions 1.3 m long by 90cm wide, but you can make it smaller if you have less wood to work with (Walt got this piece from mitre 10 mega but you may have some old wood at your place that will work perfectly fine)
- A rectangular piece of plywood, 1.3m long and 30cm tall (this will be used as the side walls)
- 11 pieces of wood that are 75 x50mm thick and 90cm long
- Nails and screws, screws are better as they don’t come out over time like nails can- but we used a few nails too! You’ll need about 20 nails and screws that are 10cm long and another 15 screws that are 4cm long
- Thin yet strong piece of wood or metal 90cm by 20cm (for base of ramp)

If you want to re-use some old nails from a plank of wood here’s what to do:
- Hit the piece of wood from one side
- Use back of hammer to pull it out
- Use a random piece of wood to help you ‘jack it up’
- Then you can straighten the nail by laying it on it’s side and gentle tapping it where it is bent
- Rotate the nail as you do this
- Stop when the nail is straight!

How to make the Kicker:
1) Get someone to hold the ramp 30cm off the ground at one end, while the other end is resting on the ground.
2) Now grab your pieces of wood that will be the side walls and make a mark on them where the edge of the ramp touches the side walls.
3) Do it to both side walls.
4) Now you will have 2 triangles marked out!
5) Now you can start putting the frame together…attach the width beams along the bottom of the ramp, about 4-5 of them to hold the frame together.
6) Also attach the top piece that goes across from the tips of the triangles
7) Attach the slats of wood that the plywood face will be attached to.
8) Screw in the wooden slats
9) The kicker is almost complete! Put the top piece on, you want to make sure that it all lines up.
9) Place wood on top. Check it’s all flush! (look from diff angles to check)
10) Use screws to secure it (not nails as they ‘pop’ out over time)
11) Next make the transition between the ground and the ramp nice and smooth. Grab a thin piece of metal/ wood or strong plastic.
12) Drill it to the part of the ramp that meets the ground.
13) This will lessen the initial angle of the ramp and ground making it smoother to roll up.
14) Decorate! Lay out some newspaper and paint or decorate your kicker however you like!

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