Leanna's Styley T-Shirt

Leanna's Styley T-Shirt


- T-shirt
- Poster Paint
- Cardboard stencil (we made a cat stencil you could make any sort of stencil you like!)
- Brushes and sponges
- Old newspaper
- Hair dryer
- Card to have in the middle so the paint doesn't bleed
- Ironing board
- Iron
- Masking tape to hold the stencil in place


1) Make sure your t-shirt is nicely ironed flat so there aren't any creases.
2) Insert card into the middle of t-shirt so the paint doesn't bleed through.
3) Put the stencil where you want it and apply masking tape to keep it in place.
4) Carefully use brushes and sponges to apply the poster paint. Try to dab the paint instead of dragging it.
5) Carefully take off the stencil and leave the t-shirt to dry. You could even use a hair dryer to blow dry it.
6) Once the front is dry do the same on the back so it looks like the print is 2 dimensional.
7) You can add on extra decorations too - we added on a cute bow!

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