Leanna's Rocket

Leanna's Rocket


- 2 litre fizzy bottle
- 2 cups of water
- 1 cup of white vinegar – Leanna added orange food colouring for extra awesomeness
- A long screw
- A plank of wood
- A cork, wrapped with duct tape to make it thicker
- Paper towels
- 2 tbsp. of baking soda


1) Pour the vinegar and water into the bottle
2) Next, take half a sheet of paper towel, and spread the baking soda onto it in a line down the middle
3) Fold in the ends of the paper towel like a burrito and roll it up.
4) Now for the launch pad! Screw the screw into the piece of wood – you’ll want to ask an adult for a hand
5) Then twist the cork onto the screw so it’s snugly attached to the wood.
6) Slide the paper towel filled with baking soda into the top of the bottle.
7) Hang on to it until you have your launch pad upside down ready to put the cork in.
8) You've got to be quick because the baking soda starts reacting with the vinegar on contact - creating the fizz & pressure. Flip the launch pad so it's on the ground and the bottom of the bottle is pointing up - then run away!!

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