Leanna's Embroidery

Leanna's Embroidery


- Embroidery hoop (plastic or wooden)
- White cotton fabric
- Pencil
- A picture - we used the Sticky TV caravan, you could choose whatever picture you like!
- Small triangles of patterned fabric - if you want to make bunting.
- Pins in pin cushion
- Different coloured embroidery thread (orange, black, pink, green, purple…)
- Embroidery needle


1) Put fabric into the embroidery hoop.
2) Hold the fabric up to a window and trace your picture onto the cotton with a pencil.
3) Sew over the outline of your picture with your thread - use whatever colours you like!
4) If you want to include bunting on your embroidery, pin the little triangles of fabric where you want them to go then sew just across the top to attach them - leaving the ends loose, just like real bunting!.

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