Leanna Cooper

Leanna Cooper

Name: Leanna

Star Sign: Superstar

Signature selfie pose: A smile!

What’s your funniest face? Hahaha what do you think!

Do you have any pets? My darling cat Blair.

What’s your fave youtube video? Lol nothing like a good cat video .. with a duckling and a shark costume!

If you were principal of a school for a day what would you do? Hold an activities day with all sorts of sports and games.

I’m really good at drawing… Straight lines. Not many people can, just saying.

You have won a comp to feature in the video clip of your fave singer! Who is is? Oh em gee! Have I actually? I’ve been practicing my dance routine for years! My fave singer is Justin Timberlake.

What were you like at school? Quiet… very quiet

I have never…. Bungee jumped or sky dived

What are you doing to celebrate your bday this year? Relax, hang out with my cat and treat myself with a massage.

Right now I’m in love with…. Piako Gourmet Coconut Yoghurt

My fave animal is… I don't think it's real but if it was then this would be my favourite animal!

I know all the words to the song.. So many songs. All of Justin Biebers songs lol

My fave ever dress up costume was.. last year I dressed up as some of my fave characters from Frozen!! How cool do we look!

What section would we find you in the DVD store? Action/Comedy

Signature dance move is… mmm I don’t really have a signature move but I had such a cool time dancing around when we made a Frozen video clip! Check out some of my moves here…

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