The Contestants


Lariamly - The Biggest Loser

Hometown: Columbia, S.C.

Occupation: Student services program coordinator

Larialmy Allen says her motivation for losing weight is to "become healthy enough to expand my family, raise healthy children and take everything I learn on the ranch back to my family to help them overcome their weight loss battles as well." She was born and raised in Alvin, S.C., with three siblings. Larialmy graduated from Trident Technical College with an associate's degree in business administration, and graduated from Columbia College with a bachelor's degree in business administration. She started to gain weight at age 10 and the teasing that ensued caused her to turn to food for comfort, which contributed further to her weight gain. Her "aha moment" came when she realized she was over 300 lbs., unable to walk up a flight of stairs without grasping for air and sweating, and knew if she continued to gain weight, she would not be alive much longer. At 26 years old and 301 lbs., she looks forward to getting healthy so she can have children without the cloud of obesity and high risk pregnancy issues that come along with being overweight and pregnant.

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