Kif Kroker

Kif Kroker

Character bio:
Kif Kroker
age: unknown
job: Fourth lieutenant on the Nimbus
voiced by: Maurice LaMarche

Kif has three nipples, and is able to shed his skin. His skin can also change colors to blend in with his surroundings. He can blow up his head to gargantuan size to frighten away predators, and resembles a bagpipe when deflated. His hands and feet are equipped with suction cups, allowing him to climb walls much like a gecko. His species is related to the sea cucumber and he has no skeleton.

In Season 3, Kif starts dating and falls in love with Amy. He is revealed to be a very romantic man. It also becomes apparent that males of Kif's species can bear children and when Kif gets pregnant Amy's parents don't seem too bothered. Kif is also the long-suffering lieutenant of captain Zapp Brannigan.

Actor bio:

Kif is voiced by Maurice LaMarche who has also voiced characters in Real Ghostbusters, Pinky and the Brain and Team America. Maurice is mainly a vocal actor, voicing parts in several video games and TV series such as The Replacements and Random! Cartoons and The Batman.

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