Kevin McHale (as Artie Abrams)

Kevin McHale (as Artie Abrams)

Artie Abrams Character Biography

Artie comes back from the summer vacation, reeling from a break-up with Tina, who left him for Mike Chang. Artie asks Finn to help him get a spot on the football team to win her back. But the new coach, Shannon Beiste, thinks it's a set-up and bumps Finn from the Titans instead. When she realizes that Artie sincerely wants to be a part of the team, she adds him to the lineup and reinstates Finn.

Hoping to land a duet partner, Brittany asks Artie if she can be his girlfriend. When things get rocky between Mike and Tina, Artie tells his ex that he's moved on to a new romance. Artie isn't totally over Tina, but Brittany seduces him to help him get over his conflicted feelings.

Santana conspires to get Artie to break up with Brittany. However, he realizes that Brittany is really into him, and he turns to Puck for advice on how to get her back. His plan to be just a little nicer than he is mean works, and Artie and Brittany get back together.

When Santana tells Brittany she loves her, Brittany gets confused because she loves both her best friend and Artie. When he finds out that Brittany believes her "lady kisses" with Santana aren't cheating, he calls her stupid and they split up. Although Artie tries to apologize, Brittany won't go to the prom with him. When she sees him on the dance floor at the big event, the two reunite.

Kevin McHale Biography

Kevin McHale is a native of Plano, TX, who moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting, singing and dancing.

McHale has always been serious about his craft. As part of the pop/R&B/hip-hop group NLT, McHale has had the privilege of touring with the Pussycat Dolls and produced songs with Timbaland. All of his hard work and commitment have paid off in a confident, well-rounded actor whose passion is to tell stories and entertain.

He lives in Los Angeles.

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