Teddy's Shelf

Teddy's Shelf

- If you don’t have a shelf already in place that you want to attach jars to then you’ll need to make one! In that case you’ll need a plank of wood for the shelf.
- Some angle brackets to support the shelf. A 4 pack of angle brackets costs $12.76 at Mitre 10 Mega
- Screws long enough to hold brackets to the wood/ go 3cm into the wall.
- Someone older to help you.

1) Cut the wood to the size you want your shelf to be.
2) Attach the angle brackets to the wood so that it will sit flush on the wall. You can test this by placing the wood and angle brackets on any flat surface so we did it on a table.
3) Screw the angle brackets to the wood.
4) Screw the jar lids to the bottom of the shelf - make sure the jars won’t be too tight up against the wall when screwed in later (easier to do it now, than when you’ve attached the shelf to the wall)
5) Finish off the final screwing of the shelf top the wall.
6) Attach some jars to their lids.
7) Pour treats into the jars and screw them to their lids.

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