Justin Bieber to release acoustic album

Justin Bieber to release Believe Acoustic

Justin Bieber will release his new album 'Believe Acoustic' in a few hours.

The popstar set Jan 29th as the official release date for his third remix album.

The 11-track album will feature songs from his last album 'Believe' and three brand new songs.

It is already set to debut at no.1 in the iTunes singles chart based on pre-sales and song previews alone.

The songs are stripped back and raw, with 'Boyfriend' now a slow R&B jam.

The three new songs are titled 'Yellow Raincoat', 'I Would' and 'Nothing Like Us'.

The album is also said to answer a myriad of questions about his personal life. So fans can analyse his lyrics for a deeper meaning to their heart's content.

"This is some of the most honest music I have ever written" he tweeted.

"My acoustic album will let you know how I feel about what is going on in my life instead of rumours guessing."

Believe Acoustic Track Listing

1. Boyfriend (Acoustic)
2. As Long as You Love Me (Acoustic)
3. Beauty and a Beat (Acoustic)
4. She Don't Like the Lights (Acoustic)
5. Take You (Acoustic)
6. Be Alright (Acoustic Live)
7. All Around the World (Acoustic)
8. Fall (Live)
9. Yellow Raincoat
10. I Would
11. Nothing Like Us

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