Justin Bieber Flashes His Rear

Justin Bieber flashes his rear end

Superstar Justin Bieber just flashed his bum to the world by taking a picture on Instagram and posting it on Twitter.

No one is sure why Bieber got the urge to flash his derriere, though some are hailing it a bold publicity stunt to increase his Twitter followers.

His manager Scooter Braun was unfazed by the act and even approved of Bieber’s posterior prank.

The move gained him 18,000 followers in a single day.

The picture has since been removed from his Instagram, but not from news outlets who have kept their own copies.

Beliebers are pleased to see this previously hidden side of the Biebs, with Perez Hilton even touting it as a “cute butt”.

Justin Bieber flashes his rear end

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