Stop Motion Movie

Stop Motion Movie

- A hanicam or a camera that takes video
- A tripod
- Characters that you will focus on - we used characters made from fimo.
- A story written so you will know what you need to film. eg - Gerry is going to see Leanna in her caravan to ask if she wants to take Teddy for a walk.

1) Think about what we should see first - eg - For our story we would start with Gerry moving to the caravan. Move him slowly, each time recording the camera for 2 seconds then pausing to move him.
2) Then Leanna will motion towards him.
3) Then Leanna, Gerry and Teddy will walk off together.
4) Play it all back together and you will have your own stop motion movie!
Now that you know how to do it…give it a go at home…you could even send it in to us!

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