Hot Potatoes

Hot Potatoes

- Potatoes
- Cheese
- Tomato
- Onion
- Capsicum
- Parsley + Chives
- Eggs – 1 per potato!
- Cracked pepper

1) First, give the potatoes a good scrub under the tap.
2) Bake them in the microwave. Prick them with a fork and pop them on a plate – 2 or 3 at a time.
3) Cook them in 2-minute bursts until soft inside.
4) Allow the potatoes to cool a bit before carefully slicing a lid off the top of each.
5) Scoop out the insides, leaving a nice layer of potato around the edges. Keep the inside of the potato for mash tonight!
6) First, grate a little cheese inside each potato.
7) Then chop up the tomato, onion and capsicum (or whatever your fave veges are) into cubes and sprinkle some on top of the cheese.
8) When it’s about ¾ of the way full, on goes an egg! Crack it slowly on top.
9) Add some cracked pepper and finely chopped parsley + chives on top.
10) Then pop them in the oven at 180c for about 15 mins, or until the egg is cooked right through.

- Make sure you have someone older to help you when you are in the kitchen.
- Please note the microwave we use on the show is a convection oven. Always check with someone older before you put anything in to a microwave or oven to make sure it is safe.

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