Homemade Waterslide

Homemade Waterslide


- Polythene 250MU 4 meters wide (this can fold over to double thickness/ strength) $6.71 per metre or you could use the 2 meter wide stuff for $3.71 per meter
- A roll of 13mm irrigation pipe $7.52 for 20 meters
- Hose connector $2.47
- 13mm plug end (to fit snug in end of irrigation pipe) $1.22
- Sharp scissors or a knife (for putting holes in pipe – remember to grab an oldie when you’re using these tools)
- Weed matt staples about $2.50
- Packet of plastic eyelits $11.81 for a packet of 10
- Garden staples $6.98
- Tape measure
- Hammer


1. Roll out your polythene and fold in half to double the strength.
2. One at a time place a block of wood under the corners and place an eyelit on each side of the corner and tap it together using a hammer.
3. To keep the mat in place, secure it in the eyelits with plastic pegs.
4. Lay down the pipe beside the mat and peg it down using the staples (don’t put the staples through the slide-just next to it)
5. Put holes in the piping on the same side, about 50cm apart using scissors or irrigation punch – don’t do this without an oldie helping!
6. Now pop some holes in the pipe 50cm apart so it sprays on to the slide, make sure your holes are on the same side of the pipe.
7. When you’ve done that snip your piping to length and pop a plug in the end of the piping.
8. Lastly attach piping to hose using hose connector and you’re done!!

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