Build a bivouac

Build a bivouac

- Hammer
- Rope
- Large sticks
- Square lashing knots
- ridge pole
- Tarpaulin
- Pegs
- Tree branches and foliage

1) Look for a good spot to build it – ideal spots are flat and sheltered from the wind
2) Build a strong base from large sticks – a triangle shape is a good strong shape to use. Secure all ends of the sticks to each other with rope – square lashing knots are good to ensure it is secure.
3) Stand up the triangle frame and anchor with a ridge pole
4) Attach guy ropes to secure bivouac in the ground – use pegs to anchor these
5) Cover the structure with a tarpaulin – this ensures it is water tight – and use pegs to secure it
6) Camouflage your bivouac with tree branches and foliage – this is so nobody can see your bivouac!

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