Herb Bread In Flower Pots

Herb Bread In Flower Pots


- Parsley
- Chives
- 1 egg
- 100g grated cheddar cheese
- 200g plain flour
- 50g whole meal plain flour
- 1 tsp. salt
- 1 tsp. instant yeast
- 1 ½ tbsp. olive oil
- 150ml lukewarm water


1) First up, wash and chop up the parsley and chives.
2) Separate the egg, keeping the yolk and saving the egg white for another time – you can even freeze it!
3) Next, In a large mixing bowl, add both wholemeal and white flour, salt, the chopped herbs and yeast.
4) In another bowl, add 2 teaspoons of oil and the lukewarm water to your egg yolk and whisk lightly until combined.
5) Tip the egg mixure into the flour mixture and combine. Knead for about 4 mins.
6) Then add the cheese and keep kneading until the mixture looks smooth.
7) Take the mixture out, coat the bowl with a little oil and pop your dough back in, covered in a warm place for an hour or ‘til the dough has doubled in size….
8) Once your dough is good to go…ooh, that rhymed! Flour a workbench, and cut your dough into 6 even pieces.
9) Each piece should be rolled into a ball, then placed in each flowerpot – coat the insides of the flour pots with a little oil first!
10) Pop your pots in baking trays and cover with a tea towel for 15 mins
11) Then it’s into the oven for another 15 min at 220c! Then serve!

- Make sure you have someone older to help you when you are in the kitchen.
- Please note the microwave we use on the show is a convection oven. Always check with someone older before you put anything in to a microwave or oven to make sure it is safe.

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