Heather Morris (as Brittany)

Heather Morris (as Brittany)

Brittany Character Biography

After frequent make-out sessions with Santana, Brittany begins dating Artie and takes his virginity from him. Brittany and Mike are chosen to perform a solo dance at sectionals, and Artie helps calm her nerves by giving her a "magic comb." But when she loses it, she's afraid to tell Artie, and so he begins to think that she's cheating on him.

When Brittany declares that she still believes in Santa Claus, the glee club rallies behind her to help maintain her childlike fantasy. But her belief is tested when it looks like Santa can't fulfill her Christmas wish of making Artie walk. When a mystery "ReWalk" device shows up under her tree, her faith is renewed.

Sue Sylvester gives her an ultimatum that she must choose between being shot from a cannon during the cheerleading championships or quit the squad and stay with the glee club. She chooses her personal safety and friends over the Cheerios.

Santana tells her that by sleeping with her she would not be cheating on Artie because they are both girls. Unconvinced, Brittany asks substitute teacher Holly Holiday for advice. But when Santana professes her love for Brittany, she rejects Santana, saying that she loves Artie, too.

Heather Morris Biography

Heather Elizabeth Morris was born dancing. When her parents recognized her natural gift for movement, the California native was immediately enrolled in dance lessons.

In 2009, Heather was invited to join Beyoncé's I Am...Sasha Fierce World Tour and also worked with choreographer Zach Woodlee on the film Fired Up!

Morris started studying acting at the famed Playhouse West with Robert Carnegie and continued to land dancing roles in hit television shows such as Eli Stone and Swingtown, as well as the feature film Bedtime Stories with Adam Sandler. She currently lives in Los Angeles.

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