Headless Halloween

Headless Halloween


• Thick cardboard
• Long skirt, big shirt, jacket for Mon
• Long pair of pants, big shirt, suit jacket for Gerry
• Gaffer or packing tape
• Red towel or sheet
• Safety pins
• Scissors
• An oldie!


• Roll cardboard into big tube and keep it together with plenty of gaffer or packing tape.
• Put it on and mark where to cut for the head and shoulders, then take it off and have an oldie help you with the cutting.
• Get someone to place the tube on you. Make sure it fits and doesn’t slump over to one side. Poke your head through the hole.
• Put on shirt and pull over the tube and tuck into your pants or skirt. Stick your head through an unbuttoned part. Now cross your hands through the shirt front under your chin. Don’t let any of your arms show.
• Put on pants or skirt and pull it up to your armpits. Put jacket over shirt and stuff sleeves with old newspapers and pin ends into place under your chin so it looks like your hands are coming out of them and holding your head.
• TIP: You can pin gloves in the sleeves if you need to leave your hands free.

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