Hanging Raincloud

Hanging Raincloud


- A sewing machine
- Large piece of blue fabric (for raincloud)
- Various coloured fabric scraps (for raindrops)
- Thread to match your fabric
- Ribbon
- Filling for cloud
- Fabric scissors
- Paper scissors
- Hand sewing needeles
- Large pieces of paper
- Pen / pencil
- Pins
- Nylon thread


1.First, draw the outline for your raincloud and three raindrops on a large piece of paper.Make it slightly larger than how big you want the end results to be – to give a seam allowance.Cut out the shapes – this will be your pattern for your hanging raincloud and raindrops.
2.Fold your large piece of blue fabric in half, with the ‘right sides’ of the fabric facing together in the middle.Pin your raincloud pattern through both layers and cut around the pattern carefully with fabric scissors.Do the same with your rain drop patterns on your smaller fabric scraps.Once you’ve cut around the pattern, you can remove the pattern from the fabric and pin the fabric back together.
3.Sew around the edges of your three raindrops – you want to leave a gap at the top pointy bit of the raindrop.Pull the fabric through the gap to turn the raindrop the right way around so that the seams are in the middle.Stuff each of the raindrops with filling.
4.Cut three 15cm lengths of ribbon.Insert one end of each ribbon into the opening of your raindrops.Handsew the raindrops shut so that the ribbon is poking out the top.
5.Next, you need to sew around the edges of your cloud. You want to connect the raindrops to the rain cloud – and remember that you need to turn the raincloud the right way round after you’ve sewn around the edges – so you want to put your raindrops inside the raincloud between the two layers of fabric.Then pin the other ends of the ribbon along the bottom of the raincloud (wherever you want them to hang from.Then sew most of the way around your raincloud – leaving about a 7cm gap.
6.Turn your raincloud the right way around.The three raindrops should be hanging from the bottom.Stuff your cloud with filling, and handsew the gap shut.
7.Now you just need to attach some nylon thread to the top of your raincloud and hang it from the ceiling!

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