Hairstyles with Gerry

Hairstyles with Gerry

Remember all these styles are easiest to perfect with clean hair, it may help to wet it a little.

The Smooth Look

1. First, comb your hair so its untangled and straight.
2. Then, take your fringe and the hair on the top of your head and push it across to one side, it may help to try both sides to see which way your hair naturally wants to go.
3. Finally work in gel with your hands to help make the look hold.

The Messy Look

To get this kind of look you basically start at the with a clean smooth look, and then sit down in front of the mirror and go to work on it in an emotional kind of way.

The Extreme Look

 Last but defiantly not least, possibly most, is your extreme style, your punk rock mow hawk. Now to get this your going to need even more gel and probably some hair spray as well Load your hands up with gel and pressed between your hair, firmly pulling as much of your hair upwards.

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